About Us

We started in a garage outside Atlanta, GA in 2002. Dreamed up from the love of hot rod cars, spicy food, and everyone's favorite snack food...popcorn. Why not somehow mix them together? We did so and came up with; HotRod Popcorn.
Since then we've grown and now have a new garage in Sparta, TN.
We offer four mainline flavors of HotRod Popcorn - 
Original SpicyBurnout CheddarSmall Block Butter & Classic Butter for those not so daring.
We are continuously coming up with new mixes and offer them as seasonal or special order flavors. Each bag is made by hand with only the freshest kernels and seasonings and you never know what we may come up with.
Take a look around and you will see why our goal is to provide the freshest, tastiest popcorn you will ever have.