HotRod Popcorn Big Rig Bag

HotRod Popcorn Big Rig Bag

$ 14.99

50 cups of delicious HotRod Popcorn

If you are looking for something to get you through the long haul this is it!

Share if you will this gigantic bag that's 5 times larger than our regular bag! **

Choose from any of our four mainline flavors - made fresh to order

  • Original Spicy - Our original blend of spicy Kernels With A Kick!
  • Burnout Cheddar - Spicy Cheddar Kernels With A Kick!
  • Small Block - Buttery Baby Kernels Big on Flavor!
  • Classic Butter - Classic Traditional Buttery Kernels!

** Please not this item ships by dimensional weight because of it's size 

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